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Avaya promotions to drive sales

Avaya has some amazing new promotions to help you close more Avaya business this quarter. Be sure to check back regularly to see what's new!

  • Small and midsize offers

    • Avaya Cloud Office: Migrate with Free J139 (EXTENDED through June 2022); CCaaS Bundle nine months free (UPDATED through June 2022); APS implementation, etc. (NEW through June 2022); additional wholesale and agency Devices and DaaS attach with two months free  (EXTENDED through June 2022)
    • IPO Perpetual New: New IPO deployments up to 3,000 users. EXTENDED thru September 2022.
    • IPO Perpetual New SMB Packages: New IPO deployments up to 35 users. EXTENDED through September 2022.
    • IPO Perpetual Expansions: Small IPO perpetual expansions within 90 days of initial order. EXTENDED thru September 2022.
    • DECT IPBS Compact: DECT IP Radio Base Station Compact V4 offer. Retired May 30, 2022.
  • Enterprise offers

  • Devices, collaboration, and video offers

    • Huddle cameras BOGO: Two-for-one offer on HC010, HC020, and OCC Hub. Continues through June 2022.
    • J100 BOGO: Compelling discounts on J159/179/189 when sold with OneCloud Subscription and Private. EXTENDED through September 2022.
    • Go Back: rebranded replacement of Devices A La Carte offer. Continues through September 2022.
    • Buy Now: rebranded replacement of two-for-one and three-for-one offers on select phones and devices. EXTENDED through September 2022.
    • CU360: very attractive discounts on CU360 and AV Grabber. NEW through September 2022. Also added to other offers.
    • Jabra headsets (US direct/agency only): attractive discounts on Jabra, with best discounts when sold with Avaya solutions. NEW through September 2022.
    • Five-year DaaS: pricing lower than CAPEX with OneCloud Subscription and Private. EXTENDED through September 2022.
    • What's New device trials: free phones and devices for customer trials. Continues through September 2022.