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MiContact Center Office incl Business Dashboard rel 6.2 System Admin (T-MICC-9.0-SA)

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  End users

Duration:  12 hours: Four hours per day for three days

Course ID:  T-MICCO-6.2-SA

This course is designed for system administrators and end users. It is delivered as a remote, leader-led class via web conferencing. MiContact Center Office is a set of modular software applications for informal and formal call-center management. Each module works with the Mitel phone system to deliver enhanced call-center functionality. Taking advantage of the Mitel phone system’s powerful CT capabilities, MiContact Center Office provides overall improved call handling. This class features extensive, hands-on programming and configuration training. End users, customer service reps, call-center supervisors, technicians, and system administrators who need a comprehensive overview of the MiContact Center Office capabilities will benefit from this class. Prerequisites: None

This course covers an overview of these topics:
-  Overview of Hunt Groups
-  Overview of call segmentation and call modeling 
-  Hands-on lab exercises and programming of the MiContact Center Office

Additional Recommended Training: N/A

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