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It’s time to give your healthcare solutions a checkup

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Because of the global pandemic, medical technologies had to adapt even more quickly to better address rapidly increasing healthcare requirements. So it’s no surprise healthcare funding around the world has reached unprecedented levels. “In 2021 alone, $44 billon was raised globally in health innovation”—doubling what was raised the previous year—"and the acquisition of health and health tech companies rose 50 percent1.”

In 2022, future trends are becoming clearer. For example, many more medical providers offer drive-in and virtual visits than ever before, meaning upgraded telemedicine options are needed. Some see data as “the new healthcare currency” and believe “artificial intelligence and real-world evidence are unlocking value in health data2.” Broader use of the IoMT (Internet of medical things) can solve some of the problems the medical segment dealt with during the past few years, and will in the future—opening the door to even more opportunities. One source even predicts the health market will be worth $142.45 billion by 20263!

ScanSource knows many of our partners are essential to helping medical professionals succeed in this ever-evolving healthcare landscape. From scanners to printers to monitors—and everything in between—we’re dedicated to ensuring you have access to the latest devices and services required for your and your customers’ success.

1Predictions 2022: What are the biggest healthcare shifts? The Davos Agenda
316 Jaw-Dropping Medical Technology Statistics of 2021, 10 to 8

Artificial intelligence

An increasing use of AI and automation in healthcare settings is leading to a greater acceptance of—one might even say a demand for—both.

Patients are gaining trust in AI…a key factor in speeding up its adoption.
Top 5 Healthcare Tech Trends Poised for Growth in 2022, Entrepreneur magazine

In radiology departments, imaging staffs say almost 25% of their work is inefficient and could be automated.
10 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2022, Phillips

Medical-device market
The medical-device market is rapidly expanding, and many sources predict that will continue.

By 2023, the US medical device market is expected to grow to $208 billion.

Approximately 60% of healthcare organizations have already adopted the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).
Frost & Sullivan
Telemedicine is expected to continue growing, meaning investment in these services should keep growing, too.

of healthcare providers plan to increase investment in technology and digital solutions over the next five years.
HIMSS Future of Healthcare Report

The pandemic was responsible for a major acceleration of virtual care over the last two years—a market that could reach $250 billion.
July 2021 report, McKinsey & Company

Quick Answer: Top 5 Technology Investments for Healthcare Providers in 2022

Per Gartner, “healthcare providers are increasing their organization’s digital capabilities for data sharing and analytics, multichannel engagement, virtual care and hybrid working. Delivering these digital capabilities in a secure environment is critical, making cybersecurity the top investment priority for CIOs.” This report details health providers’ Top 5 areas for technology investment in 2022. Here is complimentary access to the report.

Gartner, Quick Answer: Top 5 Technology Investments for Healthcare Providers in 2022, By Singh Pooja and Mike Jones, Published 10 February 2022

Healthcare solutions that support these trends:



Locate medical equipment on the floor or within the facility.



Deliver devices that stand up to the frequent cleaning required.



Use to create digital versions of patients’ healthcare records.



Increase accuracy when printing patient wristbands, charts, and medication orders.



Add solutions that better secure patient information.



Connect patients, doctors, staff members anywhere, at any time.

Featured products:

Webex by Cisco
The ability to provide healthcare remotely while keeping everyone safe. 
Cisco Talos
An industry-leading, threat-intelligence group fighting the good fight.
Zebra CS60-HC
A compact, companion-scanner solution for improved clinical collaboration.     
Zebra ZD510-HC
Dedicated, healthcare-wristband printing solutions for today and tomorrow.     
AXIS TW1201 Mini Cube Sensor
Discreet, lightweight, wearable camera for clinician safety and accountability
Datalogic Gryphon 4500
Wireless handheld scanner, enhanced megapixel sensor, treated to inhibit bacteria.
Elo Medical-Grade Touchscreens
Integrated touch and DICOM 14 monitors that enhance medical workflows.
Epson ColorWorks C3500
The full-color, inkjet label printer with Just in Time Color™ printing.
Hanwha healthcare solutions
Allows staffs to safely monitor multiple patients from one workstation.
Honeywell CT40 XP HC
A durable, manageable, mobile computer in an elegant, lightweight form.
Pioneer 18 Mobile AIO
A medical-grade computer with RxChange hot-swappable battery system.
Poly Studio P5 with Sync 20+
Ideal for healthcare professionals who now need headset-free solutions.     

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