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  • The In-Person and the Click-and-Collect Grocery Shopper: The Importance of Building an Infrastructure to Please Both

    Brenda McCurry, Vice President, Supplier Services, POS and Barcode at ScanSource and Karen Bomber, Director of Marketing, Productivity Products at Honeywell

    Think about the last time you bought groceries. If you’re like most Americans, chances are high that it looked different than the way your parents used to shop. Particularly within the last year, consumers have made it clear to grocers that convenience is king. Formerly a leisurely errand, grocery shopping has adopted an e-commerce element, from getting your goods delivered directly to your door, to buying online and picking up curbside. As consumers have grown accustomed to the online shopping effect, grocers are feeling the burden from two customer bases: traditional shoppers still using brick and mortar stores, and those actually using the stores as micro-fulfillment centers. This new business model causes a unique challenge for grocers, but with the right tools they can adapt to meet the changing preferences of their customers. 

  • Reopening sports and entertainment venues will require new technology and represent a long lasting investment

    Kyle DeWitt

    The sports and entertainment industry conjures images of crowds packed tightly together – a notion that for many of us feels like a distant past. Yet as COVID-related restrictions are lifted and businesses are adjusting to a new normal, new technologies are emerging that advance the digital transformation and ensure consumers and employees are armed with the proper precautions. And while some of these solutions seem temporary, the reality is that many represent an investment in the sports and entertainment industry of tomorrow – an investment that consumers and businesses alike will benefit from.

  • Mobility has never mattered more to productivity in multiple markets

    Ansley Hoke

    In a variety of markets, it’s extremely difficult for businesses to develop and maintain consistent and efficient operating procedures. And when businesses employ mobile workers, they’re under additional pressure to make sure those workers have the mobile-computing solutions needed to complete their jobs with as little downtime as possible. 

  • Location, location, location. When it comes to new-normal solutions, it’s essential.

    Wendy Thacker
    Warehouse inventory, with two workers moving a hand truck

    Preparing for the new, or even next, normal requires businesses to be as proactive as possible—while trying to keep their employees safe and comply with seemingly ever-changing regulations and standards. And now, more than ever, organizations need to be able to see where their critical assets are, to better manage and optimize them to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Join the mobility-solution revolution

    LaVonda Huskey
    zebra mobility solution revolution

    Now more than ever, mobile workforces are becoming more essential. With thousands of companies having to implement a mobile strategy this year, effective communication and collaboration are critical. Find out how ScanSource's Zebra and BlueParrott mobile solutions can help you stay productive and efficient in an ever-changing world!